Investment Advice & Portfolio Management

At Kalpa Wealth Management, we can help you to define and articulate your goals and develop an investment strategy that’s appropriate to your needs. A carefully considered financial strategy will take into account your financial goals – long term and short term, current financial obligations and commitments, as well as any foreseeable life events that may require you to amend your plans further down that track.

Investing is a central feature of any wealth creation strategy. Even when we consider market volatility, investing remains one of the most effective ways to grow wealth over time. An effective investment strategy provides the opportunity to grow your wealth beyond what’s possible through term deposits or fixed interest however it requires an understanding of investment principles, how markets work, and what we call your tolerance towards risk or “investment profile.”

Investments need to be monitored and managed to remain on track with your goals and objectives. Accordingly, we offer portfolio management services for those clients who require intensive management of their portfolio and supervision of their investments. We guide and educate our clients through this process to ensure they are fully aware of their investment performance and review their personal circumstances to modify your plan if required. Our approach helps you stay in control of your financial situation with a better understanding of your investments and long–term investment benefits.

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